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New HO scale Stanton power trucks by NWSL

The correct size power trucks is the 8'-6" wheelbase with 33" wheels
to be used with our MU models.  If you go slightly oversized at
9'-0" WB, the drives feature a larger, more powerful motor.

We have an adaptor
available to modify any of our existing models to use these trucks
in place of the RDC drives that many are set up for.

These drives are all special order, lead time can be up to six weeks,
which is dependant upon NWSL.

We can order any size drive that you would like that NWSL produces.  

Here is a link to their website.

Please leave a note as to which size drive you would like.

Item # 9050
Price: $65.99 with model purchase

item #9051
Price: $69.99 w/o model purchase

Stanton adaptor
(Item # 9052)
Price: $4.99

Bowser Drives

All items are HO scale only.
We no longer stock these drives.
They are ordered direct to fill orders as necessary.
Please allow 2 - 6 weeks for shipment.

This drive is available with 28" or 33" wheels and is used in all of our
 NY subway, Boston, and Chicago "L" models.
Price:$48.99 with prior model purchase.
$53.99 without prior model purchase.

28" Wheels
Used on Boston, Chicago, and PATH models
(Item # 125105)
Price: $48.99

Item 125105 w/o Prior purchase
Price: $53.99

33" wheels
Used on NY subway models

Item # 125115
Price: $48.99

Item #125115 w/o prior purchase
Price: $53.99

28" Half -axle wheels for Bowser mechanisms
These were custom made for us by NWSL
and are designed to repleace existing wheels on Bowser
mechanisms to match up with models that require 28" wheels
(item # 9008)
Price: $5.99 (8 half-axles for one model)


Wheels by NWSL.
These are available in HO
28" for Chicago and Boston models
and 33" for most commuter models
that require a flush axle wheelset.
They feature: 
 Nickel - Silver
  .088" wheel thickness for a better appearance.
As well as 33" wheels in N scale.
Wheels come in sets of eight (for two cars).

Please order your wheels directly from NWSL

We will continue offer these wheels as a convenience for our customers.
These wheels are not stocked by us and are ordered as necessary.
As such, we require that you purchase them in sets of eight axles or enough
for two cars, the price added to cart reflects this price.

We have a few sets of N scale wheels on hand, once these are gone, we will not carry
them in the future.
N scale 33" flush axle (item 9028)
Price:$19.98 (set of eight axles for two cars)

Kadee wheels
Some modelers have been using wheelsets from Kadee.
They are simply removing the pointed axle ends on the 28" and 33" wheelsets.

Regular, 33" and 36" wheels with pointed axles are no longer offered.

These can be purchased from your local Hobby Store or online.

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