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Bowser Drives

All items are HO scale only.
We no longer stock these drives.
They are ordered to fill orders as necessary.
Please allow 2 - 6 weeks for shipment.

This drive is available with 26", 30" or 33" wheels and is used in all of our
 NY subway, Boston, and Chicago "L" models.

Bowser No Longer offers drives with 28" wheels

30" Wheels
Used on Boston, Chicago, and PATH models
(Item # 125110)
Price: $58.99

33" wheels
Used on NY subway models

Item # 125115
Price: $58.99


Stanton Drives

These are now available again from NWSL
We can get any size that they offer, lead time is 6 -12 weeks
Price: $74.99 for HO, S, or O scales

Please send us a note to specify scale and sizes.


Walthers HO Stemmann Pantographs

Item #9054
Price: $12.99

Walthers HO Faiveley Pantographs

Item #9053


Walthers HO Amfleet Trucks

Item #9055
Price: $14.89

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