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These models are a limited production run and may be discontinued without notice.

These models and decals are officially licensed SEPTA products.

These models are also available as kits or finished models
through the SEPTA Gift store, located at 1234 Market Street,
Philadelphia, PA. 19107 - just ask for them!

All of our Septa products are part of our new series kits,
which are very highly detailed models, not likely to be matched by anyone.

Commuter models use 33" flush axle wheels (not included)

These kits will require pantographs, paint, couplers, etc..
to be provide by the modeler.

Models are cast to order, please allow up to 10 weeks for shipment.

Click on titles or item number for  larger images.

Silverliner II

(item 8053)
Finished model by NH Custom Paint,
you will be receiving an UNFINISHED kit.

This model has been completely redesigned from our original version.
Models include:
One piece body
Highly detailed Chassis
Two piece trucks
Tinted window inserts - no black plugs!
Designed to accept the NWSL Stanton drive for power

Price: $64.99


Silverliner III

(item # 8098)
Model shown has been custom painted by NH Custom painting,
you will receive and unfinished, unassembled kit.
Our highly detailed model features:
One piece body.
Chassis with most detail cast in place.
New two piece trucks.
Tinted window inserts - no black plugs!
Designed to accept the NWSL Stanton drive for power.

Price: $69.99


Silverliner IV

(item # 8093)

HO scale model features:
One piece shells (married pair)
Chassis with detail cast in place
Tinted, flush mount windows - not some black insert.
Designed to accept the Stanton power truck from NWSL.

Price: $129.99


Silverliner IV Singles

(item # 8099)

Models feature:
One piece Body.
Chassis w/ details cast in place.
Tinted window inserts.
Price: $64.99


Silverliner V

Item # 8101
(Married Pairs)

slv 2

SL V chassis

Click on above pictures for larger images.
The most detailed and accurate Silverliner V on the market.

This model features:
One Piece bodies (A car + B car)
Chassis w/ detail cast in place
Separate end gates and roof walks
Tinted window inserts - no plugs
Designed to accept NWSL power trucks
Model will come in unfinished kit form.

Price: $129.99 per pair

SLV Single (item# 8102)
Price:$69.99 includes decals

Kawasaki Single Ended LRV

Click on pictures for larger image.


(item #8103)
This is the most accurate and detailed version of this LRV ever produced.
Please note that above images show a finished model by Dave's Custom Trains,
you will be receiving an Unfinished kit.

This highly detailed model features:
One piece body shell.
Chassis designed to accept Bowser mechanism.
Tinted window inserts.
Separate roof detail parts for added detail.
Requires wheels, couplers, paint, decals,etc....

Price: $64.99


Double Ended LRV

(item #8104)
Model Features:
One piece body.
Highly detailed chassis designed to accept the Bowser mechanism
Tinted window inserts.
Roof Resistors.


Broad Street cars

These highly detailed models are available as
Double ended and single ended and run as single cars,
not married pairs.
They can be powered using the Bowser mechanism with 28" wheels.
The model pictured above was custom painted by Dave's Custom Trains,
you will receive an unfinished kit requiring assembly and painting.

Single ended
(item # 8105 )
Price: $64.99

Double ended
(item # 8106 )
Price: $64.99

Broad street decal (item #8601)

Price: $4.99

Orange stripe decal (item #8649)

Price: $1.99

Broad Street Shields (Item# 8602)

Price: $2.25

M3 "Almond Joys"

These highly detailed models will be available in October.

Single cars will be first.

Married pairs in the future if there is enough interest.
M3 decals (Item # 8638)

Price: $5.99


The models are "married pairs" with the correct details for each car.
The can be powered using the Bowser mechanism.
They include brass end gates.
Septa Licensed decals are available.
Price: $129.99

M4 decals (Item# 8621)

Price: $5.99


(Item #8112)
Features: One piece body
Highly detailed chassis
Tinted window inserts
Price: $64.99

N5 decal (Item #8659)

 Price: $5.99



These HO scale decals are licensed through SEPTA
All sales are final on decals.
Click on titles or pictures for a larger image.

Our decals have recently been updated at the request of Septa.
They now have the fade pattern on them.

Silverliner II
(item # 8528)

Price: $7.99

Silverliner III
(item #8599)

Price: $6.99

Silverliner III Airport

(item #8614)
Price: $6.99

Silverliner III Airport Logos
(item #8595)

Price: $2.99

Silverliner IV
(item # 8562)

Price: $8.99 each
(Two sets are required for a married pair)

Silverliner V
(item # 8582)

Price: $8.99 each
(two sets are required for a married pair)

Kawasaki LRV
(item # 8605)

Price: $7.99

Double Ended LRV
(item # 8606)
Price: $4.99

(item # 8565)
Price: $0.99

Old Logos
(item #8598)

Price: $2.99

Blue Lettering (Item #8647)

Price: $2.29

Yellow Lettering (Item # 8617)

Price: $2.29

Peter Witt (Item# 8660)

Coming late January

Bridge car (Item# 8662)

Coming late January

Blueliner decals(Item #8617 )

Price: $4.99

For questions or comments, please email us.

Models are cast to order, please allow up to 10 weeks for shipment.


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