O Scale Pennsylvania Models


M3 Single

Item # 4050
Model features:One piece shell
Highly detailed chassis
End Gates
Third Rail detail

Price: $163.99
Models are cast to order, please allow up to 10 weeks for shipment.

Optional Interior for M3 single

Item # 4051
Price: $19.99


Item 8638





Silverliner II

This model has been designed from original Budd blueprints as well as measurements of the real cars.

Model includes: One piece body

Highly detailed chassis


Does NOT include 33" wheels or pantographs

Display pantographs available here.

This model is full scale 85' length

Item # 4068

Price: $169.99

Please allow up to 10 weeks for shipment



Item 4037

Price: $6.99



Pittsburgh 3800 series trolley

Price: $160.00

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