O Scale New York City

All models are produced on an "as ordered" basis,
Please allow 1-10 weeks for shipment.
All models are a limited production and may be discontinued without notice.

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D- Type triplex

(item 4011)

This is a limited production run, only a few more sets will be produced.

The model pictured is a finished model by NH Custom painting,
you will receive an UNFINISHED kit.

Models feature:
3 -one piece shells. A + B + C cars
Chassis with details cast in place.

The modeler will need to supply paint, wheels, couplers, etc...

Models are unpowered.
You can use power trucks by Q Car Co, NWSL motors, or others to power this model.

Price: $204.99 for three car set

1938 Steinway World's Fair Low V

(item # 4028)
This is a shell only.
It is designed to fit onto the MTH Low V chassis.
Price: $64.99

Staten Island ME-1

(item # 4042)
This will be a shell only designed to fit onto the MTH BMT Standards chassis, with minor modifications.
We will be releasing a full kit in the future.


All of our decals are printed custom for us by Microscale.
They are silk screened and of the highest quality that is available.
These are water-slide decals and not stickers.

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Subway logos
(item# 4002)
The larger logos are a scale 28" and the smaller one are 18"

D Type destination
(item # 4008)
Price: $1.49

D Type Desination 2
(item # 4015)
Price: $3.99 (set of 2)

Subway signs
(item #4012)
Price: $0.99

Route signs
(item # 4016)
 Price: $0.99

Subway Numbers
(item #4017)

Staten Island
(item # 4025)
Price: $3.99

Interborough decals
(item # 4029)
Price: $2.39
The lettering on these decals is .063" tall or a scale 3"

American Flags
(item # 4033)
These flags measure .309" x .494"
or a scale  14.9"  x 23.75"
Price: $1.99

Current logos 30"
(item # 4034)
Price: $2.49

Silver TA logos 30"
(item # 4035)
Price: $2.49

Old logos 30"
(item # 4036)
Price: $2.49

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