The MP75 was built by Pullman Standard and was delivered in time for the 1960's World Fair for electric MU service.
They were later converted for use as push pull trains for use in diesel service and lasted until the year 2000,
when they were replaced by the new C3 coaches.
Today, they are spread out across the country, used by tourist railroads.

The HO models accepts the drive components from Life Like's RDC

The N scale models are dummies only.

All models are made on an "as ordered" basis,
please allow 1-10 weeks for shipment.

HO model features:
One piece shell.
Chassis with detail cast in place.
Tinted window castings.
These models do not include trucks,
we recommend Walthers trucks.

HO Scale Cab Car
(item # 8008)

HO Scale Trailer
(item # 8009)
Price: Discontinued

N Scale model features:
One piece shell.
Chassis with details cast in place.
Trucks not included.

Cab Car
(item # 1615)
Price: Discontinued
Decals are available here for both scales.

For info on these or any other model, please email us.

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