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All models are cast to order, please allow 12 weeks for shipment.
We will no longer be casting during the months of June, July, and August.


The M1 series car was used by the Long Island Rail Road from 1969 until it's retirement in 2006.
The model represents the as delivered without the extra headlight on top.

We have updated our model, the shell has been copied from the brass model made by GHB with permission.

HO M1 kit
(item # 8010)
Model includes:
One piece shells (2)
Chassis with details cast in place
Price: Sold Out

These models use 33" flush axle wheelsets (not included)
They can be powered using NWSL's Stanton power trucks
with an 8'-6"  or 9'-0" WB. The 8'-6" version is the correct size, however,
the larger 9'-0" WB size provides a stronger motor.

They can also be powered using the chassis from the Walthers Metroliners
A chassis will soon be on Shapeways to readily accept the drive components from the Metroliners, to make this easier

HO M1 / M3 number decals
(item # 8560)

Price: $1.99

More decals can be found on our decal page.

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