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HO models feature:
One piece shells.
Chassis with details cast in place.
Window inserts.

Most models are produced on an "as ordered" basis,
Please allow up to 10 weeks for shipment.

These models use 33" flush axle wheels(not included)

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Comet I

Model pictured is finished by Dave's Custom Trains

Low Door version

Comet I Cab:
(item # 8062)
Price: $64.99

Comet I Trailer:
(item # 8063)
Price: $64.99

Comet I High Door version

Cab Car
Item # 8117

Item # 8118
Coming Spring

Comet III
Cab Car
(item # 8061)


Comet IV

Model pictured finished by Dave's Custom Trains,
you will receive an Unfinished kit.

Comet IV Cab:
(item # 8016)
This model has been discontinued.

Comet IV trailer:
(item # 8017



Comet V

These updated cars will be available in the Spring

Comet V Cab Car:
(item # 8018)
Comet V Trailer
(item # 8020)



Click on titles for images

Comet 1 numbers
Item #8620
Price: $3.49

Comet numbers
(item # 8532)
Price: $4.99

Multi Level Numbers
(item # 8545)
Price: $5.99

Multi Level / P42 numbers
(item # 8567)
Price: $4.99

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