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Comets / Multi-Levels

HO models feature:
One piece shells.
Chassis with details cast in place.
Window inserts.

Most models are produced on an "as ordered" basis,
Please allow up to 1-10 weeks for shipment.

These models use 33" flush axle wheels(not included)

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Comet I

Model pictured is finished by Dave's Custom Trains

These cars are currently out of production.

New high door models coming in the fall.

Comet I Cab:
(item # 8062)
 Comet I Trailer:
(item # 8063)

Comet IIM


Comet III
Cab Car
(item # 8061)

Comet IV

Model pictured finished by Dave's Custom Trains,
you will receive an Unfinished kit.

 Comet IV Cab:
(item # 8016)
This model has been discontinued.

Comet IV trailer:
(item # 8017) 


Comet V

These cars have been discontinued.

Comet V Cab Car:
(item # 8018)
Comet V Trailer
(item # 8020)


Multi-Level coaches

These models use 36" wheels.

HO Multi-Level Cab Car
(item # 8021)

HO Multi-level Trailer
(item # 8022)



Click on titles for images

Comet numbers
(item # 8532)
Price: $4.99

Multi Level Numbers
(item # 8545)
Price: $5.99

Multi Level / P42 numbers
(item # 8567)
Price: $4.99

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