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All models are cast to order, please allow up to 1 - 10 weeks for shipment.
These models are a limited production run.
Models may be discontinued without notice.


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(item # 8058)

This model has been discontinued

This model features:
One piece body.
Chassis with full underbody detail.
Flush fitting cast window inserts.
Separate brass end gates.
Pantographs and wheels are not included.

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(item # 8059)

Model includes:
One piece body.
Chassis with detail cast in place.
Tinted flush mounted window inserts.
Etched brass roof walks and end gates.
Pantographs and wheels not included.
Price: $104.99 per pair.

These models use 28" wheels

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Aluminum Frames

We have aluminum frames available for the 0600 and 0700
models designed to accept the Bowser mechanism.
Item # 9012


Orange Line

(item # 8060)

This model has been discontinued.

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Red Line


(Item # 8083)
Models feature:
One piece shells
Detailed chassis for A car + B car
Tinted window inserts
Brass end gates
Price: $104.99 for the pair


Bi-Level Cars

This model is available as a Cab Car and a trailer.

This model has redesigned chassis and trucks for better accuracy.

Models feature:
One piece shell.
Chassis with steps cast in place.
Tinted window inserts.

HO Cab Car
(item # 8086)
Price:Sold Out
HO Trailer
(item # 8087)
Price: $64.99

Rotem cars

Cab car (item 8110)
Trailer (Item 8111)
Price: $64.99

Brass Ghetto bars
(item # 9013)
Price: $1.99

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Bi-Level Decals

HO scale
(item # 8524)
Redesigned sheet to include Rotem numbers and better fit.

HO scale
(item # 8523)
Price: $3.49

(item # 8561)
2-HO, 4-N
Price: $0.99

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