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All models are cast to order, please allow up to 1 - 7 weeks for shipment.
These models are a limited production run.
Models may be discontinued without notice.


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(item # 8058)

This model has been discontinued

This model features:
One piece body.
Chassis with full underbody detail.
Flush fitting cast window inserts.
Separate brass end gates.
Pantographs and wheels are not included.

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(item # 8059)

Model includes:
One piece body.
Chassis with detail cast in place.
Metal trucks w/ 3rd rail shoes.
Tinted flush mounted window inserts.
Etched brass roof walks and end gates.
Pantographs and wheels not included.
Price: $104.99 per pair.

We carry the 28" flush axle wheelsets, used by all of these models,
you can order them on the "wheels" page.
We also have the 28" wheels to fit the Bowser mechanism,
as well as the Bowser mechanism's with 28" wheels.

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Aluminum Frames

We have aluminum frames available for the 0600 and 0700
models designed to accept the Bowser mechanism.
Item # 9012


Orange Line

(item # 8060)

This model has been discontinued.

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Red Line


(Item # 8083)
Models feature:
One piece shells
Detailed chassis for A car + B car
Tinted window inserts
Brass end gates
Price: $104.99 for the pair


Bi-Level Cars

This model is available as a Cab Car and a trailer.

This model has redesigned chassis and trucks for better accuracy.

Models feature:
One piece shell.
Chassis with steps cast in place.
Tinted window inserts.

HO Cab Car
(item # 8086)

HO Trailer
(item # 8087)
Price: $64.99

Brass Ghetto bars
(item # 9013)
Price: $1.99

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Bi-Level Decals

HO scale
(item # 8524)

HO scale
(item # 8523)
Price: $3.49

(item # 8561)
2-HO, 4-N
Price: $0.99

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